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The Future of Security...Available Now

mCard Security

The Future of Transactions

 The future of payments starts with merchants being able to track and analyze customer and transaction data, and then be able to instantly customize marketing plans, loyalty programs and customer interactions.
Merchant Dashboard

mCard CloudPay

 Our CloudPay feature allow merchants to accept payments from a consumer's mobile, mCard wallet on any wireless or Internet connected device.
If you own a smart phone (or any other connected device) you can accept mobile payments with CloudPay.
mCard Cloud Payments

No Credit Card fees...only 1% per transaction

 mCard Cloud Payments are not credit card transactions. They are simple payments between 2 mobile wallet accounts.
Sick of paying 2.75% for credit card transactions. mCard Cloud Payments only come with a 1% transaction fee.
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Customers and Loyalty Programs

Get to know your customers

Detailed customer profiles

  • Average Spend
  • Frequency of Visits
  • Durations Since last visit
  • Marketing ROI
  • Direct Consumer Feedback
  • Social Media mentions

New Media Merchant Dashboard
Build Loyalty
Reward Consumers for specific actions

  • Set rewards for specific times of day
  • Create custom rewards for your loyal customers
  • Customize loyalty specific to your business
  • See the full list of loyalty features
  • All free to merchants

The Future of Marketing

Customized marketing plans based on in-depth analysis of your customer spend and actions.
Track exactly how much every customer spends related to every marketing dollar spent.
Need more business on a Tuesday between 2PM and 4PM, what about on rainy days, or bringing back customers more frequently?
You have the marketing options to do all that and more.
Merchant Dashboard Marketing

No New Hardware or Software Required

 New Media mCards don't require any new hardware, software or training of staff.
Our mCards can be transacted through existing MasterCard Terminals.
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