mCards for Non-Profits - New Sources of Funding

mCards for Non-Profits

Generate new sources of funding and support your customer base

mCards for Non-profits and Charities are like your very own Branded Payment Card that your supporters can use to generate donations to your cause.

When your supporters use your branded mCards at participating merchants, those merchants donate a % of the purchase price to your cause.

Every smart phone holder can pay with their phone, at any merchant, anywhere, anytime. Everytime they do, you could create a new donation.
Drive more business and new customers to your participating merchants. By offering merchants the ability to make donations every time your Branded mCards are used at their locations, you will help those merchants drive sales and expand their business.

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Non-Profit - mCard Brochure [PDF]
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Show them the Numbers

 Show your participating merchants the exact impact on theor business for accepting your Branded mCards.
Our mCard Dashboard allows to you show merchants exactly how many new customers visit their business and how much they spend from accepting your Branded mCards. You can show them the numbers on how many repeat visits customers make and what their average spend is.
Giving your non-profit and it's participating merchants access to this kind of information allows you to increase the impact of your programs with these merchants and increase the number of participating merchants that support your cause.
Merchant Dashboard

Non-Profit Benefits


New sources of revenue

New ways for supporters to donate

Convenience for your supporters

Merchants Supporters

Reach a broader audience

Targeted Local Marketing

Mobile Marketing and New Customers


Social Media Integration

Cross Promotions

Create new Merchant Supporters

Digital Donations

Makes a new donation everytime a consumer:

  • Eats lunch
  • Fills up with gas
  • Buys a new shirt
  • Gets a coffee
  • Goes out for dinner

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Make it Easy

Easy as Everyday
Your supporters can easily set up a free mobile wallet on their smart phone and use your branded mobile credit cards to pay for their everyday purchases at participating merchants.

Every time a consumer using one of your branded mCards makes a purchase you get a digital donation.

What is an mCard?

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mCards are mobile credit cards with benefits that plastic cards can't provide.
By using mCards your supporters get to:
  • Contribute to your school just by shopping like they normally do
  • Enjoy deals, discounts, rebates and rewards just by paying with a smart phone
  • Leave their wallets at home
  • Send and Receive Gifts
  • Check and Reload Balance instantly

Merchants can use New Media mCards to reward their loyal customers and to market great deals and incentives for new customers.

Non-Profits use New Media mCards to create new sources of donations by branding an mCard, getting it onto the phones of their supporters and having them use their mCards for their normal everyday purchases. Merchants reward the Non-Profit with a donation for driving the customer to make a puchase with the Non-Profit's mCard.

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